Claire Medcalf

Day job that pays the bills: Senior Creative Copywriter at Rehab.

Current side-hustle: Letter Lounge – a pop-up social space where you can write handwritten letters to anyone you like. I post them for you.

Your spirit animal: Carrier pigeon.

The inspiration for your side-hustle: My letter-writing grandparents.

Your side-hustle Eureka! moment: When people started getting in touch requesting events. That’s when I knew it wasn’t just me that thought it was a nice idea.

The first thing you did to make your Side-Hustle happen: The first event. (It happened 10 years ago and it was only ever meant to be a one off.)

Initial pitfalls when you started your Side-Hustle: Still the same today– lugging loads of writing materials around is tricky if you don’t drive.

The biggest lesson you’ve taken away from starting your Side-Hustle: There have been lots of lessons learnt but the biggest was gaining confidence in my abilities and decision-making.

Could you please describe the first moment when you thought to yourself “wow, this has actually turned from a dream into reality.”: Running Letter Lounge for the likes of Tatty Devine, Crisis, and Anorak magazine was a real turning point.

The most rewarding part about your Side-Hustle: People’s reaction to the simple act of writing a letter. But hearing how much the person they sent it to loved it is even better.

Advice you would give to your past self when you first started this Side-Hustle: Stop doing everything for free, you mug.

New developments in your Side-Hustle for us to look out for in the future: I have lots of ideas on how Letter Lounge could become a proper business but no real plan. Anyone up for a brainstorm?

Claire Medcalf: Founder of Letter Lounge

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Nathalie Gordon

Day job that pays the bills: Freelance Creative.
Current Side-Hustle: Taxi Fabric is ongoing 3+ years strong.

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