I’ve been off the radar recently and now I’m back, with a brand new agency called Nurture Creatives.

For the last 5 years, you have all been great to work with. You were the grad I’ve helped get your foot in the door. The middleweight that’s progressed into a senior role. A few of you I’ve helped relocated to Manchester- the almighty Northern Powerhouse! The Design Director who was itching for an inspiring Creative Director role, that we found and you’ve shaped the agency towards a new brilliant direction. My go-to freelancer’s for freelance bookings. The designer I met at a portfolio workshop that got a job off the back of polishing up your book (just a tad). The client I’ve help find designers for on a Friday when you had urgent deadlines over the weekend. The designers I’ve shared a drink or two with at a various industry awards and have been in touch with for years. Or simply, the one I’m connected with on Linkedin but we haven’t worked together (yet!)

Nurture Creatives was formed to be a recruitment company that supports and cultivates talent within the design industry. We specifically manage graphic design and visualisation roles because that’s what we love best! We believe in sharing industry knowledge with designers and companies so we can all work together and add to the design industry to make it a better, more creative and inspiring place for all.

For the last month, I’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of people and I thought it might be helpful to answer some of the questions here in this post.

What job roles do you cover?

Some of the main roles Nurture Creatives work with include graphic designers, presentation designers, artworkers, retouchers and visualisers (Cinema4D and 3ds Max).

What areas do you recruit in?

Advertising, Architecture, Annual Reports, Artworking, Branding, Corporate, Digital, Editorial, Events, Environmental Branding, Fashion, Front End Web, Identity, Illustration, Inhouse, Integrated Agencies, Interiors, Marketing/Brochures, Museum Design, Packaging, POS, Print, Property, Retail, Signage, Visualisation, Wayfinding.

Do you deal with permanent or freelance?

Both! We have an extensive network of candidates for both temporary and permanent opportunities.

Why would I use Nurture Creatives?

Nurture Creatives is a recruitment agency who cares more about long-time relationships rather than quick one-off placements. Recruiters who are honest with options, opportunities and feedback. We are always open to have a chat about the industry. We have our ears to the ground and we love to share our knowledge with clients and candidates! Even if you aren’t looking to move or hire just yet, still give us a call and we’d still be happy to discuss options with you and provide guidance for the future.

How do I start working with Nurture Creatives?

Talk to us: info@nurturecreatives.com

Follow us:
Twitter- @nurturecreates
Instagram- @nurturecreatives


Looking forward to working with you all again (or for the first time!)