Francesca Martorelli

Day job that pays the bills: I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer, specialising in branding.

Current Side-Hustle: Founder and Creative Director of Above Brand; a UK-based beer firm who are proud to deliver a premium drinking experience. We collaborate with top European brewers and select the best organic ingredients to create beautiful tasting beers.

Your spirit animal: A flamingo.

The inspiration for your Side-Hustle: I wanted to create a sustainable brand which used eco-friendly screen printed bottles and organic ingredients. I also wanted my brand to highlight the visual beauty of different cultures – starting with Japan!

Your Side-Hustle Eureka! moment: I thought to myself, why can’t I create a brand which I believe in?! I couldn’t think of a reason why I couldn’t, so I just went for it!

The first thing you did to make your Side-Hustle happen: I spoke with the brewers I liked and respected the most and asked them for their advice about creating a special ‘niche’ beer for the UK market.

Initial pitfalls when you started your Side-Hustle: It was difficult to get the right documents to import beer to the UK.

It’s funny that some documents have more than one name but are the same!

My business partner and I felt like Asterix and Obelix in The Place That Sends You Mad!

The biggest lesson you’ve taken away from starting your Side-Hustle: That starting a business doesn’t allow you to have a normal life rhythm.

When you feel tired, just get a coffee and keep going. 

Describe the first moment you thought, “Wow, this has actually turned from a dream into reality!” When I took a step back at various events etc and saw interesting people from different cultures in the creative industry drinking my beer and complementing the packaging.

The most rewarding part of your Side-Hustle: Developing a platform to spread the message that small companies can make a difference by providing products that are made with love and passion.

 Advice you’d give your past-self starting a Side-Hustle: Maybe creating a magazine or a designing a ceramic collection would have been easier to introduce to the market. It’s tough to be part of the food and beverage industry.

New developments in your Side-Hustle for us to look out for in the future: I am currently designing some new posters and updating the look and feel of the brand campaign. I have now realised how much of a niche my beer is and that is what I really want to tap into.

Francesca Martorelli: Founder of Above Brand

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