Nathalie Gordon

Day job that pays the bills: Freelance Creative at Uncommon London.

Current Side-Hustle: Taxi Fabric is ongoing 3+ years strong.

Your spirit animal: Here, kidding – only slightly.

The inspiration for your Side-Hustle: Proving a point to an ex-CEO who told me ‘We’re looking for people to make us famous and you are not one of those people.’

Your Side-Hustle Eureka! Moment: We [my co-founder and I] just said to ourselves ‘this is a really good idea’ and we never looked back.

The first thing you did to make your Side-Hustle happen: Branding – logos, names, colour palettes.

Initial pitfalls when you started your Side-Hustle: Not really thinking about how to deliver our Kickstarter rewards.

The biggest lesson you’ve taken away from starting your Side-Hustle: How long do you have…I’ve learnt more from doing numerous ‘side hustles’ than I have in any agency. It’s a totally different type of learning. You are creative, producer and account man all in one and if it doesn’t work, there’s no one to blame but you.

Could you please describe the first moment when you thought to yourself “wow, this has actually turned from a dream into reality.” When we reached our £10k goal in only 12 days after Kickstarter pinned it as their ‘Top Pick’ onto their homepage. That was 3 years ago. Taxi Fabric literally blew up after that.

The most rewarding part about your Side-Hustle: We have literally got people jobs because of their involvement with Taxi Fabric. After featuring in a music video with Coldplay, The New York Times cited us as giving the designer who’s Taxi Fabric was in the video, her first ‘big break’. Oh and Google and Red Bull are just some of our clients.

Advice you would give to your past self when you first started this Side-Hustle: Don’t do so much by yourself – you really don’t know it all. People always want something you have – barter more.

New developments in your Side-Hustle for us to look out for in the future: Taxi Fabric is a business now and we’ve moved into textiles – turning the designs we curate into projects from laptop cases to sofas!

Nathalie Gordon: Co Founder of Taxi Fabric

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