Samuel Mensah

Day job that pays the bills: Senior Experience Designer @ Digital McKinsey.

Current Side-Hustle: Youth Worldwide.

Your spirit animal: Sean Combs’ character in the movie “Get him to the Greek.”

The inspiration for your Side-Hustle: To simply give back and nurture the next Gen.

Your Side-Hustle Eureka! moment: When I travelled to Ghana in 2015 to do some teaching. I knew that I had to more than just sell t shirts with YWW.

The first thing you did to make your Side-Hustle happen: Formed a collective of young up and coming creatives to mentor and push the organisation forward.

Initial pitfalls when you started your Side-Hustle: So many ideas and directions to move in when you have a creative powerhouse around you. It was overwhelming to settle on one specific direction.

The biggest lesson you’ve taken away from starting your Side-Hustle: Pick one lane and do that well for a long time before branching out.

Describe the first moment you thought, “Wow, this has actually turned from a dream into reality!” When creatives all over the world were using our account to do their daily stories on – our series was called #RiseOfTheYouth.

The most rewarding part of your Side-Hustle: The fact that the youngest member of our team now has a scholarship to college based on the work he did with us.


Advice you’d give your past-self starting a Side-Hustle: Don’t sink all your money into a passion be clear from the start how revenue be made.

New developments in your Side-Hustle for us to look out for in the future: More collaborations, more merchandise, more nurturing.

Samuel Mensah: Founder of Youth Worldwide

Find out more about Sam’s Side-Hustle at Nurture Your Side-Hustle on Friday 13th of July at D&AD New Blood Festival.

Twitter: @YOUTHWORLDWIDE & @SMBStudios

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