Vikki Ross

Day job that pays the bills: Copywriter

Current Side-Hustle: Copy Cabana (co-founded with Andy Maslen)

Your spirit animal: I like gin and I like dogs. What was the question?

The inspiration for your Side-Hustle: No events to celebrate the life linguistic.

Your Side-Hustle Eureka! moment: Getting an unbelievable line-up of speakers to talk at an event with a silly name.

The first thing you did to make your Side-Hustle happen: Called Matt Desmier of Silicon Beach to make it happen.

Initial pitfalls when you started your Side-Hustle: None – it’s been a smooth ride.

The biggest lesson you’ve taken away from starting your Side-Hustle: Sleep is very important.

Describe the first moment you thought, “Wow, this has actually turned from a dream into reality!” Earlybird tickets sold out on day of release.

The most rewarding part of your Side-Hustle: Having fun – for work. And reminding Copywriters they have the best job in the world.

Advice you’d give your past-self starting a Side-Hustle: Just do it. Oh wait, that’s a Nike slogan…

New developments in your Side-Hustle for us to look out for in the future: All will be revealed.

Vikki Ross is also known for Agency Quotes. #thingsyouhearinagencies ;

Get the Agency Quotes books here (Volume 1) and here (Volume 2)

Meet Copywriters at Vikki’s #copywritersunite nights throughout the year – March dates out now

Copy Cabana returns to Silicon Beach in Bournemouth on 19 September 2018 – details tba

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Claire Medcalf

Day job that pays the bills:  Senior Creative Copywriter at Rehab.
Current Side-Hustle: Letter Lounge.

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